About Us

Kidomo is the premier producer of family entertainment and live event related services in Canada on a grass-roots level, specializing in developing and implementing customized turnkey solutions for partners to meet their specific marketing objectives. Kidomo events offer a unique family marketing environment that brings together leading consumer brands and popular children’s properties with excellent results.  

We open doors into new creative worlds through partnerships with the most influential licensed global brands, innovative live events and fresh marketing strategies. Our relationships with international partners and the calibre of our clients, coupled with the eclectic and extensive backgrounds of our team, create an incredibly powerful synergy.

Kidomo is a team of aggressive minds, who bridge unique new ideas with established business practices. We have diverse experience with an energetic team who brings enthusiasm and creativity to each of our clients’ programs.

Kidomo has produced over 50 tours since 2000, while entertaining millions of Canadian families. Kidomo’s top-quality show production, exceptional event management, national and grass-roots media support and corporate partnerships have combined to guarantee overwhelming success.
Our National Tours consist of appearances at Exhibitions, Festivals, Fairs, Theme Parks, Zoos, Shopping Centres, Retail Appearances, Consumer Shows, Hospital and Charity Initiatives. Kidomo is proud to share long-term relationships with the most prestigious family venues in Canada.

In tandem with their partners, with events across Canada the entire year, the comprehensive, family-targeted entertainment programs deliver maximum exposure while creating an experience with children and their families, lasting a lifetime.
 Kidomo programs are relevant, consistent, frequent and successful!